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At Boluo School students can find a wide range of specialties offered by our experienced tutors:

from conversational English to vocabulary and grammar, even debate and math classes.

Nevena Experienced international teacher
Price : $35.00 / 60min
Hello! My name is Nev and I have been an English teacher for the past 10 years. So far, Ive lived and worked in 6 different countries teaching children and adults. Im a Cambridge-certified teacher with a Masters degree in Education. I live in Toronto, Canada and I am very excited to have my first cl...

Roberta F. College English Professor offering tutoring and ongoing English, academic reading, conversational strengthening, writing support and development.
Price : $42.00 / 60min
My name is Roberta and Im an educator and a writer. I have been teaching college English for more than twenty years in the campus classroom, online, and one -on-one. I also worked with high school students to help them through admission process. I have worked as an admission officer for University o...

Lori T. Elementary Teacher with 10 years of experience- Specializing in Reading, Writing, and Math
Price : $35.00 / 60min
My name is Lori and I live in Northern Virginia, United States. I am passionate about teaching elementary students in order to challenge them, engage them, make connections with them, and help them grow in their learning. I have been an elementary teacher for 10 years, mainly teaching 4th-6th grader...

BoluoTutor Help you get to your dream school!
Price : $70.00 / 60min
We provide essay editing and interview prep services. Our experienced teachers all have worked in admission office from top US colleges and they will help you navigate your application process, either in private schools or top colleges.Our services include:One hour zoom meeting for consulting and br...

Lynette B. What we learn with pleasure, we never forget ~ Mercer
Price : $40.00 / 60min
Hello! Im a public school teacher with 18 years teaching experience. I love teaching and working with students. Im creative and enjoy producing my own lessons. Im quick on my feet to adjust lessons in progress, if I notice a student need. I offer students respect, support, skills and motivation to m...