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At Boluo School students can find a wide range of specialties offered by our experienced tutors:

from conversational English to vocabulary and grammar, even debate and math classes.

Daniel P Highly Qualified English Teacher
Price : $38.00 / 60min
Hello! My name is Daniel. I am a teacher from North Carolina, USA. I graduated university (Summa Cum Laude) with a degree in elementary education, and I have been teaching since 2011. I started my teaching career in a 5th grade classroom in the United States but I have taught other grades too. I als...

Dr. Ramos Helping you be a better version of you!
Price : $40.00 / 60min
Hi! Hi Dr. Ramos and I am super excited to meet you and help you become a better version of yourself! I have been a teacher, a vice principal, a principal, a director and a counselor. I teach and counsel different types of students, those who are gifted or incarcerated. So I can adjust my teaching s...

Kayla Experienced and Fun ESL and Reading Teacher.
Price : $38.00 / 60min
Hello! My name is Kayla and I was raised in England and now I teach in the US. I am a certified ESL teacher.I have worked with children for 20 years in England, Italy, Germany, the U.S., and The Dominican Republic. Im especially experienced with younger children.I have been teaching English online t...

Jessica Super Fun and Caring Tutor
Price : $40.00 / 60min
I am a dedicated and responsive teacher with proven skills in improving academic performance and individualized support. Most recently I teach 3-5 graders. I have BA and a Masters degree in edcation, and I am comfortable working with students of different skill levels to promote learning and boost e...

Candice Skilled online ESL teacher, focusing on conversational English, grammar, and pronunciation
Price : $31.00 / 60min
If you are looking to improve your English skills, I am here to help! I have a Bachelor degree and TEFL certification and I have been teaching in the classroom and online for over 7 years now to a diverse range of students from different cultural and professional backgrounds. I teach variety of subj...

Amber M. Accomplished U.S. primary teacher, well-experienced with English Second Language Learners
Price : $42.00 / 60min
With years of teaching experience in the United States, Egypt, Finland, and China, I have become an expert at commanding student attention and managing both large and small classrooms. I believe these skills, combined with my ability to foster constructive learning environments, make me an ideal tut...

Robert M. Experienced International Educator
Price : $30.00 / 60min
Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Im a TESOL certified ESL teacher and I love to teach English to second language learners. I taught English in Qingdao, China for over 10 years so, I understand the special needs that Chinese students have. Ive been teach...

Santiago M. I have a deep love and passion for languages and mathematics, which in my opinion is a universal language.
Price : $45.00 / 60min
Hello! My name is Santiago Montano, I was born in Mexico City and grew up in Houston, Texas. I graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Mathematics and a secondary major in French. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English plus a B2 proficiency in French. I have a deep love and passion for ...

Dexter W. Standard American Accent English Teacher.
Price : $37.00 / 60min
I have been teaching English since 2016 and I have lived in China and Thailand in the past teaching in the physical classroom. I have been teaching online almost just as long. I have taught students of all ages. I have taught speaking, reading/writing, and various forms of colloquial English. I have...

Edward D. Spanish Teacher & English Language Writing Instructor Fluent in Spanish Masters Degree in English
Price : $36.50 / 60min
I have taught in so many places! First, I taught English to Mexican teens and adults in the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Then, I taught ESL to teens and adults from all around the world in New York City. After that, I taught young children and also adults in Spain. I taught English Composition...

Erin D. Experienced Elementary ELA Instructor
Price : $56.00 / 60min
Hello, my name is Erin! I am living in North Carolina and I currently teach 3rd grade in my elementary school. I have been tutoring for the Boluo School since January 2018. I have enjoyed this experience and I am looking to continue working with different students, especially ESL students. I love tu...