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Christopher Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, MCAT prep
Price :$68.00 / 60min
Test Prep

About Me

Hi! My name is Chris and I am excited to teach you science, medicine, and how to succeed academically. 

About myself, I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. I teach science classes including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, MCAT prep, and anything related to Medicine. 

- Educations: I hold a bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Temple University, a Masters Degree (MS) in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University, and am finishing my Medical Degree (MD) with Xavier School of Medicine. 

- Tutoring: I love tutoring students who want to achieve their goals in high school, college, and advanced studies. Outside of traditional tutoring, I can help students build better study habits, plan their careers in science, apply to colleges / medical schools / graduate schools. 

Before I started tutoring, I taught high school, college, and adults online for several years. I look forward to working with you or your child and am excited to watch you achieve your academic goals.


Monday - Sunday, 8am to 9pm


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