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Kelly Specialized in Math and Science, AP Calculus
Price :$80.00 / 60min
Test Prep

About Me

Hi! I have been tutoring students since 1981.  I have degrees in Elementary Education, Mathematics, Chemistry and Secondary Education. Each year I work with students in their math and science classes including Geometry, AP Pre Calculus and AP Calculus. Most recently, I taught home school students on Algebra II, Physics and Chemistry. I can also assist with SAT and ACT prep.

I am married with 4 children and 11 grandchildren. I love biking, reading, playing with grandkids and jumping off the boat into Madison Lake. 

In my years of tutoring, I have learned that all students can be successful. I am here to answer questions, assist in providing study skills and to help students discover their personal learning styles. One of the things I love about tutoring is that I get to be part of a student increasing their confidence & reaching their highest potential!


7 days a week


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