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Rae AP Chinese and Mathematics Teacher
Price :$60.00 / 60min

About Me

Greetings! I'm Rae, an experienced educator with over a decade of teaching under my belt, currently based in a California public school. I have taught Chinese (as well as math) to learners of all ages. Currently, I'm guiding high school students through AP Chinese, navigating exam requirements with precision. I specialize in crafting tailored lesson plans to accommodate diverse age groups and personalities, ensuring optimal learning experiences. My teaching philosophy is rooted in a humanistic approach, aiming to foster genuine interest and engagement in every lesson. By sparking curiosity and personalizing learning experiences, I empower students to achieve their full potential.

你好我是Rae ,我有十几年的教学经验,目前是加州公立学校的一名老师。我很擅长擅长教各个年龄段的中文,同时教授数学。在也正在教授AP中文等高年级有应试要求的学生。我会根据不同年龄段,不同个性的孩子针对他们具体情况,准备不同的教学方案,以便同学在有限的时间里,有更大的收获。我的目标是确保每个学生在每节课上都能获得新的知识,并能消化。人文兴趣是最好的老师,在教授学生时尽可能的调动同学们兴趣,让他们能有更大的收获。期待与大家的相遇。


After 3:30 PM, and also weekends in PDT


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