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About Me

I am a graduate of George Washington University, Washington, DC where I received a Master of Arts in Education. I have taught English for over 25 years at the elementary level to university level. My last position was as Senior Language Instructor at a university where I taught grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening to students with varying abilities. Grammar is my passion, as I believe it is the foundation of any language. If you know grammar, you can write and speak well. I'm also an accomplished author and have published novels and books. 

I like working with students one on one or in small groups, so that I can devote more attention to each student. My hobbies are writing, reading and traveling. I also love animals and sometimes volunteer to work with local rescues.


Central time 8-10 am Mon thru Fri, 4-7pm on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thurs


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