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Marc P. Experienced Debate Coach
Price :$56.00 / 60min
Speech and Debate

About Me

Hello! My name is Marc. I love teaching debate classes, particularly seeing my students progress in their understanding of what makes a good argument and how best to deliver it. I have spent much of the last 14 years as a debater, judge, and coach of my universitys debate team. This past year, I worked with 8 students in two separate classes, teaching them the fundamentals of debate and having them practice and hone their skills, working their way towards a small tournament at the end. I designed my own lesson plans, worksheets and homework.It is my aim to ensure that every student is garnering new knowledge that they can understand and process in every session. For most subjects, it can be difficult working with different skill levels, but debate scales more easily. I find that giving students the opportunity to speak and bring their own researched points to the sessions makes the experience all the more engaging, while providing students the opportunity to show me what theyve learned and where they still need help. Students in my sessions learn about a broad variety of topics and debate styles. I look forward to working with you!



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