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Garrett Professional writer and experienced college counselor/English instructor/essay specialist.
Price :$56.00 / 60min
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About Me

Hi, I am Garrett. I am a professional writer living in the Los Angeles area, and have worked as both an English college professor/private high school teacher and college counselor. I have my master's degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.

My speciality is teaching writing, including the college application essay and academic essays. I have also tutored thousand students in timed exam/testing essay strategies and other writing assignments. My philosophy about essay writing is pretty straightforward: if a writer cares about the subject he/she is working on, and is willing to do the work of revision, his/her essay has unlimited potential. I can help you find a topic about which you can be passionate, and take you through the steps and drafts that will lead to a writing project that you feel confident represents your best efforts and writing skills--and all in a relaxed and encouraging way.


MWF, Some Tu and Th afternoons/evenings, Some Sat and Sun availability. All in Pacific Time


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