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Zuri Beginning to AP Spanish!
Price :$40.00 / 60min

About Me

Hi! My name is Zuri. I am originally from Cuba and therefore, a native Spanish speaker. My students call me Senora Moreno (Ms. Moreno) or Ms. Zuri. I currently live in North Texas and work as a Spanish High School Teacher for a private school in Texas. I teach all levels of Spanish. I have taught from Beginning Spanish to the AP levels of Spanish, Literature and Culture. I lived in Buffalo, NY, for many years. There, I studied and worked doing my masters and Phd in Spanish Language and Literature, and teaching Spanish classes to undergraduate students.  

My experience as a Spanish Instructor at the University at Buffalo, was truly significant in my formation as a Spanish teacher. Before moving to Texas, I worked as a full time Spanish teacher for a Charter School there. For a full year I taught Spanish to 11th graders and to elementary school students, from kindergarten to 4th grade. I love teaching all levels of Spanish to different students and age groups. Being able to teach all group ages has helped me become much more versatile as a teacher and gain a better understanding of the dynamics of students and different age groups. I love to make my Spanish classes fun, dynamic, interactive, communicative and enriching for my students. 

Besides being a school teacher, I have also done private tutoring and this has made me really appreciate having one on one time with a student. It truly facilitates learning! In my classes I take the communicative approach to teaching the target language. I try to make my students speak as much Spanish as possible, in a nice environment, conducive to learning, where making mistakes is just the first step to getting better. I use a lot of visuals and oral activities. My passion is teaching and helping students gain understanding and abilities. I always make sure, however, that they achieve success while enjoying the process of learning, just as much!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday- After 4:00 pm CT, Weekend- Anytime after 10 am CT.


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