How Tutoring Helps College Admissions
Boluo School | 2023-07-18 | 3 min read

It’s become common in the business world for entrepreneurs to seek out mentors who can bring out their full potential. Trying to succeed alone is hard, but having an expert guide brings tremendous benefits. So why do most people only look to tutoring when they’re struggling with a subject or playing catch-up on school work? A good tutor can guide students to the highest echelons of success, even when they aren’t struggling. They can be especially helpful when it comes to college admissions.

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Weighted GPAs Help College Admissions

It’s a well known fact that GPAs play a big role in college admissions. For those looking to enter elite universities, the threat of getting less than a 4.0 can send students into a panic. Honors and AP classes; however, have “weighted GPAs,” so an A in an AP Class would be a 5.0, a B would be a 4.0 and so on. Doing well in these advanced classes can dramatically boost a student’s GPA and give them a distinct advantage over their competition. The weight for AP classes is so much greater because of the increased level of difficulty. With an increased level of rigor and more challenging coursework, it’s easy for students to fall behind in AP classes, especially if they’re taking more than one. Tutoring with an experienced AP teacher can assure students can stay ahead of the curve, succeed in AP classes and receive college credit even before the admissions process begins. 

College Essays are Challenging, More Important Than Ever

Essays are playing a bigger role than ever before in college admissions. For many schools, an essay can account for up to 30% of an application’s weight. The essay questions are designed to assess students’ potential for success in college, their unique perspective and their ability to overcome challenges. Including all this information in a 600 word essay is a daunting task for most high school students-a task that is far easier with an experienced mentor on their side. Getting help from an expert tutor, one who has read and evaluated thousands of college essays can be the advantage that a student needs to gain admission to their top choice university. We have certified teachers who have also served as college admissions coaches ready to help students showcase themselves in the best possible light on their application essays. 

Mastering Fundamentals Early is Essential

AP courses can be instrumental in helping students get into college, but the prep work for enrollment in AP classes has to start before a student gets to high school. These classes are challenging and without fundamental understanding in the subjects, AP can be an insurmountable challenge. It is essential that students have a plan in place for their high school course selections before they get there. Beginning in junior high, students need to develop a plan for prioritizing and tackling their coursework. Students need to decide which courses they want to take and how they will achieve success in both the classwork and on the AP exam. Getting assistance to build foundational knowledge in a subject prior to enrollment can make a huge difference in whether or not a student is successful in these challenging courses. 

Most College Students Can’t Write at a College Level

In a recent study conducted by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, it was found that three-quarters of 8th and 12th graders lacked proficiency in writing. Additionally, only 40% of ACT test-takers demonstrated the skills necessary to successfully complete a college level English class. Writing research papers is a large part of most college courses, so strong writing skills are essential for success in any major, not just in English. It is critical that students develop these skills long before they enter college. Working with a tutor to develop writing skills early on in their academic careers will set students up for success in high school and beyond. 

Boluo School offers a variety of tutoring options to fit students’ needs. We offer intensive tutoring in reading, writing and math as well as specialized tutoring in college admissions and essay writing. Don’t wait until it’s too late’ set your child up for success now.

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