Can Regular Tutoring Improve Mental Health?
Boluo School | 2023-05-27 | 3 min read

With nearly 1 in 5 children suffering from some kind of diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder, parents are reporting more than ever before that their primary concern is their children's mental health. Parents are spending more and more each year ensuring their children are mentally healthy and happy.  Products that aim to help mental wellness are flying off the shelves and apps that teach meditation and mindfulness are being downloaded thousands of times per day. Concerns about their kids’ academic achievement are taking a backseat to the worry about their happiness…but this shouldn’t be the case. To ensure kids have the greatest chance at becoming well-rounded and mentally healthy adults, they must have access to a quality education that addresses their individual needs. 

Reducing Struggle Improves Mental Health

Constantly struggling with something can be a source of extreme anxiety that hurts our mental health. Students who don’t immediately excel at something that their classmates do can feel less intelligent than their classmates, causing a decrease in self-esteem. Having to ask a lot of questions in class or getting lower grades than their peers causes students to feel ostracized. When students begin to fall behind, outside tutoring can help them stay on level with their peers, thus lessening academic anxiety and increasing self-esteem. 

Professional Intervention Increases Confidence

Self-confidence comes with a host of benefits-confident individuals tend to be better leaders, have fewer negative thoughts and perform better under stress. Even students who excel in school can lack confidence in their abilities. Taking extra curricular classes or individual tutoring in an area the student enjoys can give them a huge confidence boost. There’s nothing like having your own personal cheerleader to make a person feel good about themselves!

Higher Levels of Education Have Been Associated with Better Mental Health

Many studies have been done on the correlation between education and mental health. Time and time again, they find that people with higher levels of education enjoy better mental health. The most incredible thing to note is that these benefits seem to continue throughout an entire lifetime. Early intervention for struggling students is paramount; students who fall behind early run the risk of staying behind for the rest of their educational career. Assistance from a private tutor can bridge that gap and set students up for better academic outcomes as well as better mental health for the rest of their lives. 

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