Online Learning is Engaging with Talented Teachers
Boluo School | 2023-06-09 | 3 min read

When we had to pivot to entirely online education in the spring of 2020, virtually no one was prepared for it. (Did you catch that pun?) Most classroom teachers had to learn new technology in an instant and figure out a way to entirely reinvent their job description with little to no resources with which to do so. 

The great teachers, the ones who embraced online learning and started innovating, thrived. Was it a difficult transition? Undoubtedly. But it was an inevitable transition; COVID simply sped up the timeline. 

More and more of the world has been moving online over the last decade, giving companies and workers the necessary flexibility to balance work and life. Schools; however, have remained steadfast in their rigid operational structure-moving students through the day with alarm bells and providing teachers little (if any) support. The hybrid learning model that many districts adopted to accommodate the needs of teachers and students was seen as a largely unsuccessful endeavor. 

With so much of the world operating successfully online and in hybrid settings, why didn’t our school systems thrive under this model? The short answer? No one was adequately prepared. Teachers didn’t have the materials or experience they needed to teach online. Many students lacked devices, and many more lacked independent motivation. Districts and governments didn’t know how to support these struggling teachers or students. 

Online learning can undoubtedly work. There are millions of people excelling in online classes, gaining new skills from YouTube videos and even learning in bite-sized chunks with TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

The difference is that these online learning opportunities were created by people who wanted to teach online and were prepared to do it. Learners feel a kinship with these creators that can be replicated in classrooms and homes all over the country if done properly. 

Online teaching presents an opportunity to help reduce educational inequality by connecting talented online teachers with students anywhere in the world. Schools with teacher vacancies can be immediately connected with experienced online educators ready to fill those gaps. Struggling students can connect with tutors ready to help them overcome their challenges. We have incredible teachers who are experienced in online education standing by, ready to help any and all students who need it. 

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