A Shift is Happening In Curriculum Design and it is a Great One
Boluo School | 2022-12-15 | 3 min read

Over the past couple of decades in public education, countless companies have entered the market, shilling “high quality curriculum” to school districts and educators alike. Common Core curriculum was supposed to revolutionize education. It was meant to be a unifying concept that would close the gap between high achieving states and lower achieving states across the US. It should come as no surprise that that didn’t happen. 

Every year, teachers are provided with a new curriculum to teach that will surely “revolutionize” their teaching. Each new resource designed to “take things off teachers’ plates” ends up being just another thing they have to learn and then re-learn when it doesn’t deliver immediate results and is replaced the next year. School districts spend millions of dollars buying textbooks and curriculum packages that sit in classrooms and do little more than gather dust. 

The problem is that most curriculum is just content. Teachers don’t need more content; knowing the content comes easy. They teach because they are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach

And yet, curriculum companies have been making billions of dollars selling curriculum to school districts that teachers don’t want and, more than likely, don’t use. 

Classroom curriculum is most powerfully taught by the person who created it. Unfortunately, with the demands of the job, most teachers don’t have the time they need to develop all their own curriculum. But every teacher in the country develops at least some of it. 

They are experts at exactly what students need to learn and how they best learn it. And teachers are starting to own that. 

Around the country, teachers are taking the resources they created and offering it at affordable rates to other teachers. With sites like TeachersPayTeachers and the rise of easy to create websites using WordPress, teachers are becoming their own publishers. Teachers are helping each other save time and money while delivering high quality lessons that have been proven to actually work. 

At Boluo School, each one of our outstanding teachers creates a curriculum specifically designed with individual students in mind. There is no “one size fits all” or even “one size fits most” for meeting student needs. That’s why our students each receive personalized learning with expert curriculum designed just for them. 

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