Great Teachers. Unbelievable Results.
Boluo School | 2022-11-15 | 3 min read

An experienced, certified teacher can make all the difference when it comes to seeing results for your child. At Boluo School, all our teachers are vetted with a thorough interview process and a classroom demonstration. We only hire teachers with classroom teaching experience and proven results. 

By putting the focus on building strong long-term relationships with students, we are able to deliver unbelievable results. After a single year of weekly sessions, over half of our students tested in the 90th percentile or higher in their tutored subject as compared with their peers in the same grade. All of our students tested above grade level. In fact, some students showed truly remarkable results-one third of our students tested an incredible five grade levels above the grade in which they were enrolled.

These results can be hard to believe, but they are backed by nationally recognized test data.

How can we achieve such strong results? 

Our success lies in the experience and dedication of our teachers. Each one has real experience not only teaching students, but developing personalized curriculum. Classroom teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated, but their attention is divided among 20 or more students at a time. When the best of those educators are paired with students in a 1:1 setting, there is no limit to the success those students will achieve. 

Our focus isn’t on helping a student write one essay or pass one test. Our focus is on teaching skills that make our students successful in their life. Our teachers build long-term relationships where students feel safe and supported. In doing so, we can create consistent motivation and a love of learning. With strong support and individual guidance, many students find a passion for subjects they previously hated. In other words, they like our classes.

We’re not asking you to take our word for it. Your first class is always free with Boluo School. We’re that convinced you’ll want to stick around. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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*Boluo School test data is based on 3 year of tracking from NWEA Map Test, one of the most trusted assessment tests in K-12.

** from multiple parent testimonials

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