Personal Finance for Teens
Boluo School | 2022-10-28 | 0 min read

Financial literacy is a key skill that a person should learn early in life, but did you know that more than half of US States have no requirement that high schools teach personal finance? Here are some other disturbing facts about young people and financial literacy. 

❌75% of American teens lack confidence in their knowledge of personal finance

❌41% of teens don’t know what a 401(k) is

❌32% of teens don’t know the difference between a credit and debit card

❌The average student loan debt is around $30,000 and will take 10-30 years to pay off

❌12% of those with student loans were behind on payments

A report by Brookings Institution found that teenage financial literacy is positively correlated with asset accumulation and net worth by age 25, and there is a causal link with financial literacy and one’s financial outcome. This is why we, as parents and educators, want to expose kids to personal financial knowledge early in their life:

✅73% of teens reported wanting more personal finance education

✅86% are interested in in investing

✅Students who take a personal finance class are more likely to use lower-cost loans and grants for college

✅They have better credit scores and lower debt delinquency

✅Young people who invest early develop habits of saving more

✅Earlier use of credit is correlated with higher annual income

Our 5 hour, self-paced course Finance for Teens teaches students everything they need to know about personal finance-topics include Budgeting and Saving, Investing, Taxes, Saving for Retirement and more! 

The course creator Mrs. Galyen has developed curriculum and taught personal finance class for high schoolers, coached other finance educators and served as an independent financial advisor. 

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