How Excelling in Math Sets You Up for Success
Boluo School | 2022-08-22 | 5 min read

New studies show that approximately 82% of US students in grades 7-10 struggle with math. It is up to us as parents and educators to step in as early as possible to make sure our students are getting the foundational math concepts they need to be successful. Success in math leads to a host of benefits for students. 

Get a Better Paying Job

Students who excel in math are more likely to choose a college major that involves mathematics. As of last year, all of the top ten highest paying college majors are in engineering fields. Engineering majors out-earn their business and humanities major peers by as much as $30,000 their first year out of college. 

Save Money in College

Taking and passing AP tests is not only beneficial for college admissions, there is a huge financial benefit as well. The average private 4-year university charges $1,365 per credit hour or $4,095 per course. If a high school student were to take (and pass the tests for) AP Calculus, Statistics and Chemistry (courses that all rely heavily on math acumen), that student would save approximately $12,285 on the cost of college. 

Be A Better Problem Solver

Being good at math improves problem solving skills. Approaching a math problem, calling on existing knowledge and previous experience, and crafting and executing a solution is the same way we solve real-world problems on a daily basis. Students who excel in math are more able to find creative solutions to problems in all areas of their lives. 

Improve Overall Brain Function

New data suggests it may actually help grow your brain. As we solve math problems (especially complicated, multi-step problems) new neural connections are formed in our brains. The more neural connections our brains have, the more optimally they function. 


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