Reasons to Take Enrichment Classes
Boluo Staff | 2022-08-12 | 6 min read

Reasons to Take Enrichment Classes

More Personalized Learning

Our small group classes have a maximum student enrollment of 6 people.  That means that your student will receive significantly more personalized instruction than they get in the school classroom.  Particularly in younger grades, students who are enrolled in smaller classes “tend to be as much as one to two months ahead in content knowledge (NCTE).” You can’t control the class size in your child’s school, but we can and will at Boluo. 

Greater Intervention in Struggling Areas

The average elementary school class size in United States primary schools is between 20 and 26 students. With the overwhelming amount of stress and requirements that public school teachers face, it can be nearly impossible to identify and intervene on behalf of all struggling students. Particularly overlooked are those students who are struggling but scoring in the mid-range. Intervention is generally reserved for those students who are failing or scoring significantly below grade level. If you feel like your student could do better but is not getting the attention that they need, we can help. 

Different Viewpoints

Often when we don’t understand something, simply hearing it explained from a different viewpoint can help tremendously. Every teacher is different and every teacher’s methods are different. What resonates with one student may or may not resonate with another.  That is why it is important that students have the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers employing a variety of methods. We carefully match our students with teachers that will employ a variety of proven methods to target their unique learning style. 

Additional Opportunity to Apply Learning

It is important that students aren’t learning in a vacuum-that is to say they see the implications of their studies inside and outside the classroom. When students can bring their classroom learning to a new setting (small group instruction) they can share that learning with their peers and apply it in new ways. 

Boluo’s History of Success

There’s no other way to say it…Boluo students are successful.  Our students test, on average, at least three grade levels above their peers in reading and writing.  Across all subjects, our students experience 50% more growth than their peers in a single year. Most of our students stay with us through multiple school years and multiple subjects because of the success they experience. Your free trial class is waiting. See what we can do for your family. 


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