Free ELA Resources for Teachers & Parents
Boluo School | 2022-08-01 | 6 min read

Free ELA Resources for Teachers & Parents

At Boluo School, we’re always on the lookout for new educational resources for teachers, tutors and parents. This week, we rounded up 6 of our favorite free ELA resources. Read on to see our curated list.


NewsELA was one of my favorite resources when I was in the classroom.  This site features articles about nearly every topic imaginable with an easy search bar at the top. Each article also features adjustable lexile levels so you can customize the text to use at a variety of different levels. You can assign articles inside the website or print them to pdf or paper. There is a read aloud option that allows users to have the text read aloud to them and each article comes with a comprehension quiz.

Grade Levels: K-12


ReadWriteThink allows users to browse by grade level, learning objective, or topic. Each lesson is created by a certified educator and features a blurb about his or her credentials. The offerings are not simply reading passages, but entire classroom lessons with activities for each lesson.  Many come with pre-written lesson plans, a valuable feature for teachers and tutors alike.

Grade Levels: K-12


ReadWorks combines the best elements of the two above resources. Users can search by grade level, lexile level, topic, text type or activity type. Readworks offers a variety of different types and levels of activities for each article. The “Paired Texts” options is one of our favorites; two articles with similar topics and themes are selected and students can easily compare and contrast the passages.

Grade Levels: K-12


We love the simplicity of The strongest standout feature here is the vast collection of printable worksheets on every elementary topic imaginable. It also features downloadable guided lessons and lesson plans that include all the resources necessary to execute an entire lesson.

Grade Levels: K-8


You can bet any educational website published by the Smithsonian is going to have some great educational resources. While TweenTribune has a variety of articles at every level, it is specifically geared toward the “tween” set with articles that specifically target their interests. Each article is available at four different lexile levels, so it’s easy to teach a common lesson, while differentiating the reading levels for individual students.

Grade Levels: K-12

site-logo.pngAt Boluo, we love Time for Kids! Time magazine publishes articles daily for students in grades K-6. Their current events articles are specifically written with young students as their target audience. Each article features a “read aloud” and many articles have accompanying quizzes.

Grade Levels: K-6

Each week during the school year, Boluo School hosts a free reading club for grades 2-5 where students get an opportunity to read and analyze the text. We’re taking a break for the summer, but the reading club will return in August. You can find our sessions here:

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